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Christina Hallalulu

Dear fellow Chopper,

As you are reading this site, you are obviously interested in healthy food and delicious recipes. You may be a gourmet-foodie, a health-junkie, or a fitness-addict. You may be on a restrictive diet due to health reasons, have special dietary requirements due to competitive sports, or on an elimination diet due to food intolerances and struggling to find recipes that don't taste like sandpaper. Or you might simply be a health-conscious person interested in ways to increase your protein-intake in an easily creative and delicious way.

Whatever the reason, welcome to Lila, Chop! My primary goal with this recipe blog is to provide you with simple recipes that look sinfully delicious yet are nutritiously healthy.

My secondary goal was to create a recipe website myself. There are a lot of blogging tools out there, ones that I have used before and found easy but limiting. I did not want to find myself stuck with someone else's template, or unable to add cool features (such as the change servings tool!) as I wish. So with the help, and support of K, I decided to take the time to learn HTML, CVS, CSS, vim, and Unix, in order to build this website and create all the recipes myself in terminal. The site is powered by the sblg system on OpenBSD. I must say, it's far more awesome to do it this way. Who says chicks can't learn to program?

If you choose to post photos of your results from my recipes or to re-post the recipes themselves, be sure to cite me! Likewise, I make sure to cite all the recipes I adapt and find inspiration from.

Happy baking, and namnam.

Christina & Lila

Terminal screen shot
Building Lila, Chop! in Terminal.

Home page

This is the home page, where you can see a blog-roll of the latest articles and recipes. On the left-hand navigation pane, you will see a list of articles by tags, such as recipes by nutritional profile: gluten-fee, low-Carb, vegan, et cetera, or recipes by type: smoothie, cake, savoury dishes, et cetera. (On a smart phone, you will not see the navigation pan. Use the Lila, Chop! website title and the archive button to navigate instead.)

Smartphone view
iPhone navigation pane.

At the bottom of the page you will see a link to the archives, where you will find a list of all my recipes. You can always navigate back home by clicking on the Lila, Chop! website title. Want to like and share this blog on Facebook, follow me personally on Instagram, get recipe updates with RSS, or email me? Click on the icons at the top of the page.

I will always appreciate personal feedback and comments about my site, and try to answer questions as promptly as I can.

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Home page.

Recipe page

Check out the nutritional information and the food-icons to see exactly what kind of nutritional profile each recipe has! By hovering your mouse over each icon, you can see what the icon indicates: Gluten-free gluten-free, Lactose-free lactose-free, Sugar-free sugar-free, Low-Carb low-carb, Low-Fat low-fat, High-Protein high-protein, Raw raw, Vegan vegan, and Paleo paleo. The macro-nutrient information, or macrosas I call them, (calories | grams protein | grams carbs | grams fat) are stated per serving. The number of servings each recipes makes is indicated underneath the ingredients list, along with the total calories for the entire recipe. Remember, you can always adapt recipe ingredients to your liking, and change the serving amounts using the change servings tool.

The ingredients I use are clean and wholesome. Most of my recipes are gluten, lactose and soy-free, and a lot of them feature protein powder as a key ingredient. I link the products I use to Amazon Amazon so you can buy them online yourselves. (Note that all the products I mention are ones I have chosen to use myself, because I find them of superior quality and taste, suitable for my recipes and of course, nutritious.)

Recipe page ingredients and instructions screen shot
Recipe ingredients and instructions.

By clicking on one of the recipe thumbnails, you will see a full-screen photo of the recipe. Browse through the various recipe photos, and feel yourself start to salivate! Click on the recipe name to get back to the recipe ingredients and instructions page.

Recipe page photos screen shot
Recipe photos.

Archive page

Click on the archive icon at the top of the page to see a full list of recipes and articles in chronological order. Be prepared to scroll down, there will be many and many more to come!

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Archive page with full list of recipes.