Lila, Chop!

Meng Mugcake

Gluten-free Lactose-free High-protein Sugar-free
Christina Hallalulu

I decided to dedicate my second Lila, Chop! original recipe to my business adviser, Meng. When asked what his favourite flavour of dessert is, Meng responded with "Death by Chocolate flourless cake." Well! I thought, the man certainly has good taste, and a sweet tooth to perhaps even rival mine. (This I discovered during his visit to Stockholm when K and I took him to my favourite coffee house and bakery, Cafe Saturnus, for brunch and Swedish cinnamon buns.)

Meng attacking dessert
A combination of hate & desire. Meng, on attacking dessert.

So, how do I go about finding an easy, healthy alternative recipe for this dessert? Naturally, it must be deeply, decadently rich and chocolatey. It must also be easy and simple enough for a man, who works tirelessly to make the world a better (business) place, to whip up whenever an onslaught of chocolate cravings hits him. Thus, I present Meng Mugcake: a Death-by-Chocolate flourless and sugarless cake recipe for beginners.

amount name
scoop Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion Elite Protein Series, Chocolate
scoop any chocolate-flavoured protein powder
tbsp any vegan or low-fat milk (I used Isola bio unsweetened almond milk)
tbsp Bob's Red Mill almond meal/flour
tbsp Truvia Baking Blend natural sweetener or
tbsp granulated sugar
tbsp Sunfood Superfood organic raw cacao powder
tbsp Viva Labs organic extra virgin coconut oil,
tsp Rodelle Organics pure Vanilla Extract-Bourbon
tbsp water
Servings: (Total Calories: .)

The thing about mugcakes is that one literally makes them in a mug, in the microwave. Forget fancy baking with different utensils and bake-ware and having to wait for the oven to heat up before even baking the cake itself —all a mugcake recipe requires in terms of kitchenware is a teaspoon and a tablespoon for both measurement and mixing, access to a microwave, and a mug. The mixing of ingredients happens in the mug, and the cake is baked in the same mug in the microwave. 2-3 minutes prep-time, and 2 minutes in the microwave. Voila! Cake prêt à manger. This must be the easiest and simplest cake recipe in the world, and takes just as much time to make as a sandwich. Who wouldn't want this for a post-workout or anytime break-from-work snack?

time instruction
2 min Mix all the ingredients together in a mug.
2 min Microwave on high-setting.
1 min Flip mug onto plate and jiggle it around until the cake falls onto the plate.
5 min Garnish with whatever toppings you want. I sprinkled more cacao powder and stuck 2 pieces of Lindt Dark Chocolate Swiss thins onto the cake whilst it was still hot so they started to melt before my first bite. Mmmmmm.

Mug Cake Tips

If the cake sticks or burns to the side of the mug, try spraying a non-stick baking spray inside the mug before pouring ingredients in. Got no protein powder at home? No problem, this recipe works fine without! Simply replace protein powder with more cacao powder.

Death by Chocolate flourless (mug) cake, dedicated to Meng.

This recipe was adapted from Cleaneatingsurvivalguide's chocolate mugcake recipe.