Lila, Chop!

Choco-Cherry Cheesecake Corfetti

Gluten-free Low-carb High-protein
Christina Hallalulu

Oh how I love cheesecake! It seems everyone, in fact, loves cheesecake. And birthday cake, and chocolate, and dark cherries. So I decided to combine all these, into one: birthday cake confetti cheesecake with dark chocolate and cherry topping. (Believe it or not, there is such thing as confetti-flavoured "Corfetti" protein powder.)

Base ingredients
amount name
tbsp You Fresh Naturals chocolate chip cookie dough almond butter , or
tbsp light tahini
cup ground almonds
tbsp agave syrup, or
tbsp honey

I made this cheesecake during my last week in Switzerland, whilst I was rummaging through my kitchen deciding which protein powders to pack and bring with me to France, and which to discard. With just a couple of scoops of my beloved Cellucor COR-fetti protein powder left, I decided to finish it by using it to flavour my protein cheesecake. I love the look of it, since the colourful particles show up even after baking and just adds a cool, eye-candy effect along with a delicious birthday cake flavour.

Cheesecake slice
Cross-section view, with cherry and confetti bits.
Cheesecake ingredients
amount name
g 2% Total Greek yoghurt (2 pots)
g quark
scoops Cellucor COR-Performance Whey Corfetti protein powder
cup liquid egg whites ( egg whites)
g bitter dark Chocolate (I used Lindt 90%)
cup sweet dark cherries, pitted
tbsp Cake decoration sprinkles
Servings: (Total Calories: .)

This cake turned out absolutely beautiful, and I can't even begin to describe how heavenly my entire apartment smelled by the time 20 minutes had passed with the cake in the oven. I spiffed it up with cake decoration and decided to serve it the next day during my farewell party. Unfortunately, having decided to announce my leaving party on an all too short-notice, I ended up cancelling it and simply attending my best friend, Anna's, dinner party instead in Geneva. So the guests at that dinner party got to savour it over explanations of the benefits of baking with protein powder.

A dessert to delight a dinner party.
time instruction
Mix all the base ingredients together in a bowl.
Form base layer by pressing the mix evenly down into a small pan.
Mix all the cheesecake ingredients (except cherries) in a bowl, making sure there are no lumps left.
Add 1/3 of the cherries into the cheesecake mixture last.
Pour the cheesecake filling into the pan on top of the base.
30-40 min Bake at 160'C (320'F). Be careful not to over-bake cheesecake! It will harden as it cools, so you want it to still be mushy and wobbly inside when you remove it from the oven.
Whilst the cheesecake is cooling, melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie or microwave (careful not to let it burn), and lather on a smooth layer on top of cheesecake.
Place the remaining cherries on top in the centre and sprinkle cake decoration over.
50 min Devour immediately.
Cheesecake process
The making of a cheesecake.

This recipe is an upgrade from my Tahini Cheesecakeini, one of my first Lila, Chop! recipes. After getting so much positive feedback I decided to try it again with a different, birthday-cake flavour, a sweeter, base and a richer, more chocolatey-topping. Thus I replaced the tahini base ingredient with chocolate chip cookie dough flavoured almond butter, the vanilla protein powder with confetti-flavour, and added cake decoration sprinkles, cherries and more dark chocolate on top... Mmmm, pure decadence! It also upped the eye-candy and drool effect. The original recipe was adapted from Proteinpow's recipe Dark Chocolate Almond Cheesecake by Anna Sward, who said It's as close to protein magic as one can get. Let's see if you think this one is even better!

Recipe tip

This recipe makes eight slices (perfect for a dinner party dessert), and macro-nutrient information is per slice. To make the recipe leaner, simply use 0% Greek yoghurt, less chocolate and sugar-free syrup instead of honey or agave. To make the recipe richer or sweeter, add more syrup to the base and sugar or stevia drops in the mixture.