Lila, Chop!

Nordic Berry Overnight Oats

Gluten-free Lactose-free Vegan Sugar-free Paleo
Christina Hallalulu

Imagine oatmeal, but fluffier, yummier, easier to make, and one you don't even have to cook. That's Overnight Oats. For those of you who believe breakfast is the best meal of the day but don't have time to cook in the mornings, this is the perfect recipe for you. All it takes is a 2-minute prep the night before, letting the oats soak up the liquid overnight in the fridge, and voila! Ready to eat the following morning with all your favourite, flavourful toppings. Mmmm.

Overnight oats in a martini glass.
Birthday Nordic Berry Overnight Oats.

Because this dish calls for oats and is made up of our favourite Scandinavian staple ingredients and spices, I dedicate this hearty and delicious breakfast recipe to my Uncle Thomas. Happy birthday, and thank you for being such a wonderful uncle, mentor, and business adviser. May this fuel your days and your continued boot-camp training!

Uncle Thomas and Sigge.
Uncle Thomas with his dog on an island in the Gothenburg Archipelago.
Base Ingredients
amount name
ml unsweetened Almond milk, or
ml any vegan, lactose-free, or regular milk.
ml gluten-free rolled oats, or
ml regular whole oats
raw banana, mashed
tbsp chia seeds, or
tbsp whole flax seeds
tsp vanilla extract
generous dusting of ground cinnamon and cardamom
Servings: (Total Calories: .)

Although not entirely Paleo (depending on how you see oats), this recipe is a morning nutrition bomb: packed with fibre, vitamins, healthy fats and natural proteins. Ever heard of the Viking Diet? A Nordic version of paleo, which hails oatmeal as the healthiest form of breakfast!

Oats in a glass with clingfilm.
Quickly prep your healthy breakfast the night before.

The secret to no-cook oatmeal is the magic that happens in the fridge overnight. Oats soaked in milk swell and soften into no-cook oatmeal known as as bircher (Swiss) muesli. The best way to store overnight oats in the fridge is actually in an air-tight container, such as a glass jar. So if you have one of these, simply add the base ingredients into the jar, seal the lid and gently shake the ingredients together. Because overnight oats are best prepared shaken, not stirred. And what better way to serve them the next morning than in a martini glass?

Overnight oats in a martini glass
The name's Chop. Lila, Chop.
Topping Ingredients
amount name
handful mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, lingonberries, cherries etc.)
tbsp whole flax seeds
tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut
tbsp any nut-butter such as Almond or walnut butter, hazelnut or Peanut butter
generous dusting of ground cinnamon and cardamom
tbsp Turkish or Greek yoghurt (optional extra)
handful dried fruit such as raisins, cranberries, and mulberries.(optional extra)
tbsp honey, maple, or agave syrup.(optional, for extra sweetness)
Toppings close-up
Decorate your oats with colourful toppings & superfoods.

If you are allergic to raw nuts, simply omit the nut-butter ingredient. Otherwise, I cannot recommend you to try it enough. In my opinion, almond butter is God's gift to health foodies, and can be eaten with almost anything at any time of day. For this recipe, I used raw coconut cardamom almond butter, the most delicious nut butter for someone who adores cardamom (like all Swedes).

Overnight Oats decorated with toppings
Overnight Oats, shaken, not stirred.
time instruction
3 min The night before: add the mashed banana, milk, oats, vanilla, some cinnamon, and cardamom in a glass or bowl.
Cover with clingfilm or lid, and refrigerate overnight.
The following morning: Remove lid or clingfilm and transfer oats to whatever serving glass or bowl you want..
Add toppings and sprinkle with more cinnamon and cardamom.
Grab a spoon and dig into this hearty, delicious breakfast!

Turn Overnight Oats into hot Oatmeal

Hot Oatmeal served with fresh orange juice and black coffee
The perfect breakfast to start your day on a mid-winter's morning.

Finding fresh berries difficult to get a hold of at this time of year? No problem! Although this recipe is served cold, overnight oats can just as easily be turned into hot oatmeal. Perfect for frosty winter mornings, and the perfect solution if you only have frozen berries instead of fresh ones – simply stir in the frozen berries to pre-refrigerated overnight oats, and microwave for approximately 1-2 minutes. Add the rest of the toppings last.

Decorated glass
Havregryn as we call oatmeal in Swedish, topped with yoghurt and jam.
Decorated glass
Smaklig måltid!

Protein Overnight Oats

To increase the protein content of your recipe, try a protein-fortified almond or peanut butter that come in many delicious and surprising different flavours. You could also mix half a scoop of Paleo protein powder or any vegan or whey protein powder with the milk, and let the oats soak up the protein overnight.

More Overnight Oats recipes

The basic Overnight Oats recipe calls for 1 part oats to 1 - 1.5 parts liquid, depending on the desired consistency. (The liquid can be any vegan or dairy milk to a mix of milk and yoghurt, milk and apple sauce or mashed banana, and even coconut milk.) From thereon, there are endless numbers of topping and flavour combinations you can try! For some really decadent breakfast ideas, check out 19 Ridiculously Easy Overnight Oats.

Thomas and his sons
The perfect breakfast for an active family of young boys!

My thanks to Victor, and Filip for helping me figure out Thomas's allergies for this recipe (although it seems no one knows precisely what they are these days). Thank you to Marcus for always noticing when I change my hairstyle. Thank you to Cathrine for her wonderful homemade jams, preserves, and juice, made fresh from the berries in her garden. Finally, thank you to Thomas for being a fabulous uncle. Happy birthday!