Lila, Chop!

Santa Monica Smoothie

Gluten-free High-protein Vegan
Christina Sorrawan

Southern California has had a long-standing reputation for being a mecca of health & fitness. It's one of the things I love about this place — home of Golds Gym Venice and the birthplace of many of the latest health concepts. However, contrary to popular belief, not everyone drinks kale juices all day and is vegan/Paleo. (There is a middle-ground.)

So what does one normally eat when in Santa Monica? Simple: Smoothies. Smoothies are a staple food here – they're quick & easy to make, practical to drink on-the-go (Americans love to eat on-the-go), and can be packed full of nutrition tailored to the exact macro-nutrient profile of your specification (which is one of the latest health trend).

This Santa Monica Smoothie is a recipe that I live by whenever staying here: basic, refreshing, and uses Almond butter as a healthy fat which is very popular here in So-Cal. (In fact, it's so popular that people here eat is straight of of the jar with a spoon.)

Good morning Santa Monica!
Cooling off on a hot day in southern California before my breakfast smoothie.
amount name
cup frozen or fresh berries
cup frozen or fresh cherries
scoop Yuve vegan chia protein powder, or
scoop any vegan protein powder
Tablespoon Almond butter, or
Tablespoons Flax or Chia seeds
cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk, or
cup any non-dairy milk
cup optional extra: ice
Servings: (Total Calories: .)
time instruction
Add frozen berries to the blender
Add protein powder to the blender
Add almond butter/seeds to the blender
Add almond milk to the blender
Optional: add ice to the blender
1-2 min Blend everything together until creamy. (Optional: add more almond milk if needed for consistency)
Serve in your favourite smoothie glass and enjoy!
All your basic ingredients carefully measured out.
flax and almondbutter
1 Tablespoon Almond butter can be substituted with 2 Tablespoons of Flax Seeds.

Nutritional Highlights: Almond Butter

Almonds supports your health in a variety of ways, most notably by helping to regulate your blood sugar and lowering your risk of getting heart attacks. Almond butter is an easy way to increase your almond intake. As ground up almonds, they're easier to digest and the nutrients more easily absorbed. Almonds are high in vitamin E, Magnesium, calcium, copper, healthy fats, and fibre. As such, they've been found to:

  • Help prevent heart disease and heart attacks
  • Support healthy brain function
  • Maintain skin and bone health
  • Help control blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes
  • Help with weight loss and prevent overeating

Here is an article from TIME magazine on Why you should eat Almond Butter.

Serve cold & creamy...and enjoy!

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