Lila, Chop!

Vegan/Paleo choco-chip protein muffins

Gluten-free High-protein Low-carb Paleo Vegan
Christina Hallalulu

This is my first attempt at making muffins. Everyone loves muffins; there's something very comforting about them. But they're difficult to make, especially healthy ones. Until I found a 5-ingredient recipe from Big Man's World for vegan/paleo protein muffins. Grain/sugar/dairy/egg-free, this recipe seems almost too good to be true. The protein powder you use determines whether the muffins ends up being vegan, paleo, or neither... up to you!

Single muffin on a plate.
Chocolate fondant muffins, oh-la-la.
Several muffins on a plate.
Several days' worth of pre-workout snacks on a plate...yum.

amount name
scoops Sun warrior rice chocolate protein powder , or
scoop Any chocolate-flavoured paleo, casein, or (if you must) whey protein powder
cup natural almond butter, or
cup any nut or seed butter
cup unsweetened apple sauce, or
cup vanilla yogurt, vegan or regular
tbsp unsweetened or semi-sweet chocolate chips
cup almond flour
tsp baking powder
Servings: (Total Calories: .)
Muffins, pre-baked.

The vegan protein powder combined with the almond butter & almond flour makes these muffins quite dense, so they don't rise much in the oven.

Fresh from the oven and smelling heavenly.
time instruction
3 min Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, adding the chocolate chips last.
1 min Spoon out the batter onto a silicone or aluminium muffin pan, divided into 6 muffins.
10-15 min Bake at 175'C (350'F) and check after 12 minutes to make sure they don't overcook.
1 min Whilst the muffins are still hot, cut a little hole in the top and add more chocolate chips so they melt inside.
20 min Enjoy with coffee.

How about Blueberry-Vanilla Muffins?

It's easy to adapt this recipe for blueberry muffins. Simply use vanilla-flavoured protein powder instead of chocolate, and blueberries instead of chocolate chips. I substituted vanilla yogurt for apple sauce and macadamia nut butter for almond butter. I also added 1 tsp of vanilla essence.

Blueberries muffins.
Blueberry-vanilla whey muffins fresh from the oven.
Christina in an apron.
Me in my baking apron.
Muffins in a pan.
Which muffin recipe will I make next?.

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