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Nutrition Consulting

Next-generation Nutrition. Choose your goal. Get started. Unlock your metabolic potential.

I’m a nutrition coach trained in Southern California and specialising in metabolic engineering. That means my methods work with your metabolism instead of against it. So no crash diets, no crazy regimes, no counting calories. Together we’ll work out a plan that fits your lifestyle and goals that works in the long-run. Now accepting clients over Skype from anywhere in the world. Contact me at for more information.

Me with my Husky. Me with my Husky, Lila.


My approach to nutrition is holistic and individualistic. I evaluate each person’s nutrition needs based on their medical background, current health condition, lifestyle, activity level, goals, and individual metabolism. Together we’ll build you a customised meal plan and (optional) workout plan that fits with your lifestyle and will help you achieve your goals in a realistic manner without making you feel deprived. The most important thing is consistency, not restriction.

So together with your meal plan you’ll log your meals and weight with an app to help you stay on track, and we’ll check-in every week/two weeks to see how your progress is going to make sure you get as much support as you need.

Food A sample meal: grilled chicken with veggies, a side salad, and a sprouted whole-grain bread roll.

Services Offered

  1. First Consultation: Metabolic Ignition (60 minutes)
    The first and most rewarding phase of development:

    • Aim: identify what’s holding you back; eliminate negative trends
    • Focus: Nutrition
    • Establish goals
    • Discuss health history & condition
    • Body measurements & Metabolic rate
    • Current nutrition intake
    • Create meal plan
    • Learn portion control
    • Provide meal tracking app
    • (Optional) Lab testing analysis
  2. Second Consultation: Metabolic Activation (45 minutes)
    The second phases looks at a whole-person approach to a healthy lifestyle:

    • Aim: improve body plan; promote positive habits
    • Focus: Lifestyle
    • Adjust meal plan, more flexible
    • (Optional) Training program
    • (Optional) Supplementation program
    • (Optional) Rehabilitation & Relaxation program
    • Follow-up body measurements
  3. Follow-up Consultations: Metabolic Maintenance (30 minutes)
    Our highest level of service:

    • Aim: push towards goals
    • Focus: Sustainability
    • Progress tracked against goals
    • Meal plan adjustments
    • Menu planning
    • Follow-up body measurements
    • Additional support as necessary

yogurt A sample pre/post-workout snack: matcha-green tea & pistachio coconut protein smoothie.


I’ve been working out for 6 years. My routine consists of 2 hours in the gym, 5-6 days per week, with a mix of weight-lifting and cardio. I started off struggling with the “skinny fat” problem, encountering difficulties building any muscle at all. Through hard, consistent training and proper nutrition I was able to cut my body fat percentage in half, have a six-pack, and have the strength to do 12 pull-ups.

I can help you create a customised workout-plan, no matter what level you’re at, to help you get in shape.

Fitness Eat to maintain stable energy patterns throughout the day & enough to build lean muscle.


Nutrition is part of a larger picture. How you work it into your lifestyle and live your meal plan every day will determine whether or not you’re successful in your health and fitness goals. What is the best alcoholic beverage to drink? Do you like to eat out? Do you go to cafes with your friends? What do you eat on airplanes? I can help you optimise your metabolism with all these questions.

Selfie Your metabolism will be optimised as a function of your meal plan to fit your goals and lifestyle.


I’ve created a recipe blog here specialising in baking with protein powder. Use this resource for when you need a healthy treat or a boost of protein!

Me holding a plate of cookies I baked is a useful resource for healthy recipes